Cancellation & Refund Policy


Bemonoid Healthtech Private Limited (“Bemo”) is the author and publisher of the internet resource and the mobile application ‘Bemo’ (together, “Website”). Bemo owns and operates the services provided through the Website.


For Patients


  1. Refunds policy:

    1. In the event it is proved that the Therapists have acted in contravention to any applicable laws, Bemo shall provide complete refund to the User, subject to investigation undertaken by Bemo.

    2. If the cancellation is due to the abusive nature of the User, such User shall not be eligible for any refund and Bemo/Therapist shall be entitled to take any legal action, depending upon the gravity of the matter.

    3. In case a Therapist is not available in case of a paid consultation subscription for the time of the subscription, then the subscription may be cancelled by the User and upon such cancellation, any amounts paid by the Users with respect to the cancelled subscription shall be refunded.

    4. Users are allowed a period of three (3) days to flag any consultation as inadequate, and request for a refund. No refund requests shall be considered thereafter.

    5. In the event, if User raises a cancellation request on Bemo Website for a Bemo subscription, User will not be charged on the upcoming billing date. Subscription will remain valid till the current end date of the subscription.

    6. Users can request a refund by emailing at

    7. Bemo shall check the details & process the refund where applicable, solely at its discretion. After a refund request is processed, the money will be refunded to the User in seven (7) working days from the day refund has been approved from Bemo.


For Therapists

  1. Therapists shall ensure that at all times they shall abide by the set guidelines, including without limitation, as follows:

    1. Therapists shall be available for online consultation by being on the Web/App as often as possible.

    2. Therapists shall ensure that, the consultation online is treated as an in-clinic consultation, and provide advice to the best of Therapist’s knowledge.

    3. Therapist shall ensure that they respond to User's health concern within a maximum of two (2) hours of the Therapist receiving the message (in exceptional circumstances, where the consultation was allocated to a Therapist without their acceptance). Currently, using therapist mode on Bemo implies accepting to be connected for consultation. However, the time frame for response shall be between 10 am to 9 pm. In case the Therapist accepts a User’s consultation by their own choice, then such Therapists shall ensure to provide a response within fifteen (15) minutes of accepting.

    4. If Therapist would like to prescribe drug/medicine to the User, the Therapist shall upload the e-prescription written on the letterhead, and upload it in .jpeg/ such other format possible in the consultation window. The Therapist hereby agrees and covenants to be responsible and liable for the content of e-prescription and the authenticity of his signature signed in the uploaded e-prescription. In addition to any indemnity warranties provided elsewhere in the Agreement, the Therapist hereby agrees to hold Bemo, its officers, employees, agents and affiliates harmless from and any claims, damages, losses or penalties arising out of any third party claims in connection with the validity of the e-prescription, its content.

    5. Where the Therapist learns that a physical consultation is mandatory for accurate diagnosis and resolution of the case, the Therapist shall be required to inform the User and inform Bemo support through the Website. On investigation, the subscription fee, will be refunded back to the User.

    6. If Therapist needs to change the status to 'unavailable', the same could be changed after having completed all the open consultations. In case the Therapist leaves a consultation open and changes the status to 'unavailable', the Therapist understands that he shall be be liable to pay such penalty as may be imposed by Bemo, in these cases.

    7. If the Therapist’s performance on the platform, is not compliant with the expected guidelines or the Therapist is found to be misusing the platform, the Therapist may result in losing the privilege of using the Bemo mobile application & Website.


  1. Settlement policy

    1. All settlements to the Therapists shall be made within seven (7) days of completion of transaction. A transaction is treated as completed, only upon the completion of the free follow-up period is.

    2. Any clarifications on the settlement period and policy can be sought by calling on +91 88610 88990 or emailing us at

    3. In case the User requests for a refund, and the request is substantiated by Bemo support team post investigation, the amounts will be deducted from the next settlement made to the Therapist if not adjusted previously.

    4. The Therapist will not be informed in case of individual refund requests.

    5. All refunds shall be made solely at the discretion of Bemo.